Stepping into the Map

A selection of courses featuring student work in the Digital Humanities

Global Environmental History

Finding the Anthropocene

Big Brother/Big Data

Surveillance Culture (Taught by Dr. Guy McHendry)

Mapping History

Cartography from the Early Modern to the Digital Age

More about Projects

Com 174 – Big Brother/Big Data

Digital mapping and virtual reality (VR) applications are expanding the immersive potential of student learning and classroom instruction. The increasing availability of powerful, inexpensive tools …

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HIS 317 Mapping History

The last ten years have witnessed a sea change in the use of geographic information technologies. While spatial analysis has long occupied a privileged place …

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EVS/HIS 488 – Global Environmental History

The “Anthropocene” is a proposed new geological era currently under consideration by the International Commission on Stratigraphy. Meaning the “Age of Humans,” it makes a …

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