Course Readings

In lieu of a textbook…

All of your readings will be posted here as pdfs or hyperlinks. You can also access them via hyperlinks in the syllabus. Choose whichever method is most convenient.

Week 3Maps as Metaphor

(S) Weltzien – A Topographic Map Of Words Parables Of Cartography In William Least Heat Moons Prairyerth

(S) Krygier, Ce n’est pas le monde, PEN America 15, Maps.

(P) William Least Heat Moon, “From the Commonplace Book, On Roniger Hill- Crossing,”PrairyErth (Houghton Mifflin, 2001)

(M) Chase County Kansas, 1887.

Week 4 Mapping the Geophysical World

(S) Simon Winchester, The Map that Changed the World, selections

(S) Michon Scott, “William Smith

(M) William Smith, Geological Map of Part of Great Britain, 1828 (for blog, compare 1828 layer with one other layer)

Week 5 Mapping Climate and Colonialism

(S) Andrea Wulf, “Prologue,” “Chimborazo,” The Invention of Nature- Alexander von Humboldt’s New World (2015)

(M) W. C. Woodbridge, Isothermal Chart, or View of Climates & Production, Drawn from the Accounts of Humboldt & Others,1823

(M) Alexander von Humboldt, Geography of Plants, 1805.

Week 6 – Mapping Race and Urban Development

(S) Kenneth T. Jackson, “Federal Subsidy and the Suburban Dream: How Washington Changed the American Housing Market,” Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States (Oxford: 1985)

(M) HOLC, Residential Security Map, Omaha, 1936.

(M) Racial Dot MapWeldon Cooper Center for Public Service, Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia (Dustin A. Cable, creator), 2013.

Week 7 – Mapping Rural Development

(S) Geoff Cunfer, On the Great Plains, “Cunfer, On the Great Plains” (Texas A&M, 2005)

(M) Henry Gannett, Wheat/sq. mile, 12th census of the US, 1903.

(M) Geoff Cunfer, Figs. 2.4-2.7 (pp. 30-33)

Week 8 Disease Environments

(S) Steven Johnson, The Ghost Map, 1-22; 190-228

(P) Snow, On the Mode of Communication of Cholera, 1855.

(M) Alexander Johnston, Geographical Distribution of Health and Disease in Connection Chiefly with Natural Phenomena, 1856

(M) John Snow’s Cholera Map (detail) For full map, see Snow, 1855

Week 9– Flooding

(S) Craig Colten, “Water Hazards,” Unnatural Metropolis (2005), 1-46

(M) Diagram showing the Inundated District – Sauve’s Crevasse May 3rd 1849, 1900s

(M) Jan Smit,Tweede plaat van de watersnood na dijkdoorbraken bij de grote rivieren, 1740-1741, 1741

Week 14 – Conceiving a Global World

(S) Denis Cosgrove – Mapping the World

(S) David Allen, “A Mirror of Our World: Google Earth and the History of Cartography” 2009

(M) Google Earth

(M) Cassini Terrestrial and Celestial Globes (1790-1792)- Explore using Google Earth