This project has benefitted from the generous sponsorship and support of several organizations. 

The Durham Museum opened up their collections and resources for student use. They dedicated significant staff time to project development, grant writing, and the creation of a professional exhibit. Without their assistance and sponsorship of the museum, and particularly the work of Emma Sundberg, Carrie Wieners Meyer, Tim Hantula, Corey Wilson, Becky Putzer, Mark Howard, and Ramon Guzman, this project would not be possible.

Omaha in the Anthropocene received unique assistance from David Crawford and Creighton University’s Archives. Every object in this exhibit came from the Durham Museum's collections, save one. The telegraph line is tangible evidence of the partnership between Creighton and the Durham.

Creighton’s Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship and College of Arts and Sciences lent significant financial and promotion support, and particularly the work of Claire Climer.

Several faculty assisted students with their research projects including: Dr. Neil Oatsvall, Dr. Ryan Wishart, Dr. Joshua Nygren, Dr. Annka Liepold

The exhibit was also supported by a Humanities Nebraska grant.