Project Presentation at Sustainability Forum – Omaha in the Anthropocene

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, Dr. Adam Sundberg (Assistant Professor of History and Digital Humanities), Emma Sundberg (Curator of Collections, Durham Museum) and Rebecca Hare (CU ’19) discussed the benefits and challenges of this type of collaborative, interdisciplinary research in public history and environmental studies in a presentation entitled “Curating the Earth System: Building an Interdisciplinary Public History Exhibit on the Anthropocene.” The Anthropocene is a proposed new geological epoch. It makes the claim that humans have become a geophysical force in the earth system. This argument has significant environmental, history, and ethical implications, but what does evidence of the Anthropocene look like? The students of EVS/HIS 488: Global Environmental History have worked with the Durham Museum to build a physical and digital exhibit demonstrating that we are surrounded by that evidence.

You can watch the presentation, shared via the Office of Sustainability at Creighton University here.

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