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I had some issues importing my layers from QGIS to Arc. These are 3 I plan on using

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In this report, we review the economic impact when a sports team leaves the city. He concludes that there is minimal impact for the direct economy of the cities.

  • Bantock, J. (2021, October 18). A permanent residence? fans weigh in on potential London NFL franchise. CNN. Retrieved April 5, 2022, from

This is an article considering the potential for the jaguars removal from Jacksonville, in a move to London. This is part of the question I am hoping to answer with this study. Does the existence of an NFL team draw in city prosperity for local businesses? Can Jacksonville afford to lose the jaguars?

  • Zimbalist, A., & Noll, R. G. (2016, July 28). Sports, jobs, & taxes: Are new stadiums worth the cost? Brookings. Retrieved April 5, 2022, from

This article considers if new stadiums are beneficial to local economies when paid by the public funds raised through taxes. This article was also written very close to the creation of the Jacksonville jaguars franchise, thus making it even more relevant to my subject.

  • Alfieri, R. (2011, February 13). The NFL’s role in society. Gang Green Nation. Retrieved April 5, 2022, from

Here we review “The NFL’s role in society”. This is a very interesting concept for me, as this sport dominates Sundays for half the year. I love to dive in on the “why”.

  • Bantock, J. (2021, October 18). A permanent residence? fans weigh in on potential London NFL franchise. CNN. Retrieved April 5, 2022, from

In this reading, we review the limited support Jacksonville has had in recent years, as well as the optimism held for the future. Ranking 29th out of 32 teams, the jaguars have had a disheartening attendance record in 2021.

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Another factor to consider, is the impact players have on a city, as they find creative ways to give back to their fans. Here, the jaguars have a page dedicated just to the “jaguars community”.

This page reviews the move from Oakland to Las Vegas for the raiders. With factors like newly promised public funds, poor original venues, and limited legal repercussions, the choice was clear for the Raiders.

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This article depicts the potential teams in consideration for expansion should the NFL expand. This can be used in my conclusion to wrap up if these cities would truly benefit from the financing of an NFL team.

  • Lisa, A. (2022, February 7). Is hosting the Super Bowl Worth it for cities? GOBankingRates. Retrieved April 5, 2022, from,%2430%20million%20to%20%24130%20million.

The jaguars hosted the Superbowl in 2005. As a warm weather city, they qualify to host the super bowl, however it’s important to consider if the benefits out weigh the cost.

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Finally, the ultimate goal of any NFL team is of course to win the Super Bowl. Here, we learn the financial rewards to be gained in this great honor (that the jaguars have never achieved).


  1. Steven Manson, Jonathan Schroeder, David Van Riper, Tracy Kugler, and Steven Ruggles. IPUMS National Historical Geographic Information System: Version 16.0 [dataset]. Minneapolis, MN: IPUMS. 2021.

This is where I got the data to create the maps for census data for 2000. Using this, I will be able to use census information to track changes from when

This gave me access to the data tables I will be using for my income by the decade in selected counties of Florida. With this I will be able to track the change in wealth over the 30 years of the Jaguars existence, and use this as a comparison to the spending records I will use later.

These data sets provide the races of people within the selected time periods, which allows me to track the changes on demographics within the counties around Jacksonville.

By getting access to the 1990 census, I will be able to use the data prior to the introduction of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995. Here I will be able to have an official starting point as I map the change over time in the metro area.

This data provides me with the food stores total sales per county based on survey data taken of the area. With this, I will note the impact the Jaguars have on consumption in the restaurant industry.

8. Trafficmetrix. Kalibrate Global. (2022, February 8). Retrieved April 7, 2022, from

This data from Kalibrate (Market Planning Solutions) provided me with the information to log the number of people who watch regular season NFL games regularly. This will give me a sign as to the market penetration the jaguars have in their city

9. (INEGI). National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). (n.d.). Retrieved April 7, 2022, from

Here, I was able to get the data for spending on sporting events by county. This will give me an idea on how much income professional sports are receiving in the area.

  1. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2022, April 6). U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved April 7, 2022, from

This provides Television access for households within each county of my chosen region. This will allow me to conclude the percentage of homes that have the option to watch football games from home.